Essay on My Favourite Personality in English

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500+ Words Essay On My Favourite Personality

There are many people who have achieved greatness all over the world and people look up to them and take inspiration from such great people many people dream to be like him as a celebrity, politicians, and artists try to become like him. As a result, everyone has a favorite person they admire and want to be.

However, my favorite personality is not a world-famous person, but a common human being. There are no famous people in our family, but for me, my parents are my favorite personality.

When I was young, I used to look up to a lot of celebrities and many of them were my idols. But, as I got older then I realized that my favorite personality is in front of me which is my parents. The person I live, eat and sleep with is my favorite person.

Essay on My Favourite Personality in English
Essay on My Favourite Personality

He has helped me become a better person. Apart from this, I give credit for my healthy and safe existence to my father. My father is a kind person who is very humble and calm-natured.

He always takes care of his family, but apart from his family he also takes care of other people who are not related to our family. He always has a supportive nature. He is always ready to help people in any situation. Because of the nature of my father, my neighbors also respect my father a lot.

My mother has a humble and very sweet personality. She is smart, very honest, and truthful. My mother has always been kind to everyone and she is always ready to help everyone as much as possible. I appreciate her a lot for her every effort.

She never refuses anyone who asks for help. She is a very religious person and she prays daily for everyone’s healthy life. She is a pious woman, she thanks God for giving us all a happy life through prayer. My parents taught us good manners and encouraged us to be grateful for what we have.

My parents have always inspired me in all aspects of my life. My parents have always supported me in my difficult times, my mother prays for me before my exams. Whenever I feel helpless and confused about certain subjects, my parents are always by my side like guardian angels to assist me in my decisions. My parents have always encouraged me so that I can be the best in everything.

I have definitely realized by watching my parents that you don’t need to be super famous to have a great personality. You can be an ordinary person and still have the greatest personality. My parents are great personalities as they understand the feelings of everyone in their family.

Whatever I do in life today, my parents have the biggest role. He taught me to be selfless, humble, and kind to others. It is because of my parents’ trust in me that I am a confident person today. He never bound me or restricted me but he taught me one thing there is a fine line between right and wrong and I should know what is right and what is wrong for me.

Conclusion of Essay on My Favourite Personality

My parents are like a guide to me who care for each and every member of their family. The personality of my parents has always given me more appreciation and respect. He acts like a best friend of mine as well as a parent when needed. Lastly, my father is my favorite personality in the whole world and my biggest support.

FAQ on Essay on Favourite Personality

Q 1. What is meant by favorite personality?

Answer: A favorite personality is someone whom you like in a very special way for who they are and how they carry themselves.

Q 2. Why are fathers the most influential person in our lives?

Answer: Fathers acts as our parent as well as best friend. They push us to do better no matter what happens & always guide us on the right path to help us in succeed.

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