My Village Essay | Essay on My Village for Students and Children in English

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Essay On My Village

If we talk about today’s time, then life in metro cities and metros in India can be potential and exciting, but even today living in rural areas of India is completely different from city life. The beauty of the Indian village nestled in the entire Indian subcontinent is worth seeing.

Our rural area is still rich in social and cultural traditions, and it is interesting to know and learn about them. Most of the farmer population of India is settled in villages. And by the farmers work hard to produce crops for the whole country. There are about 500000 villages in India, which are spread all over the country.

My Village Essay | Essay on My Village for Students and Children in English
Essay On My Village

Villages based in India are either small settlements of thatched huts or large settlements of houses with tiled roofs, stone, and bricks. An impression has been created about the village by Hindi films that an Indian village, often depicted in films, is a simple set of walls covered with soil, shaded by trees, overlooking a large expanse of green fields. in which some people slowly and surely move the bullock carts. They depict a village woman with a pot on her head.

But the reality is different, every single village is a hub of nonstop activity with its strong work ethic. The life of the people living in the village is satisfying and full of happiness because they are not in a hurry like in city life.

My village is such a place where whenever I get time I like to go for my holidays or whenever I am tired from my work I like to visit the village often.

A village is a place which is far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Also, while living in the village, you feel connected with the soil of the village. Apart from this, the village has a variety of plants, a variety of crops, a variety of flowers and rivers, etc., which makes you feel connected to nature.

Apart from all this, when you are in the village, you realize that there is cold air at night and heat in the day too, but much less than in the big cities. To escape the heat, we often used to go with friends to take a bath in a pond in the village.

Even today, more than 60% of India’s population lives in villages. Similarly, villages are the main source of agricultural produce as most of the farmers of India reside in villages. Our villages supply food to the population of the cities. After independence, there has been an increase in the population in the villages and there has also been a considerable increase in the matter of education as compared to earlier.

Even today, there is a lack of education in the village, but the people of the village are more dedicated to their work. And there are more hardworking and very settled people than the people living in urban areas. Apart from this, the people living in the village are very peaceful and like to live in harmony and there is no conflict of any kind, all the people live together in the village. The people of the village support each other in happiness and sorrow and are of a very helpful nature.

I mostly go to my village during summer vacations. However, during the summer, the village remains much cooler than the city as the pollution is much less.

Due to greenery in the village, the air is cool and you do not need an air conditioner in the village. Every house in the village has at least one tree in its courtyard.

Also, the summer season does not see many crops due to lack of water, so I have rarely seen any crop. Also, earlier whenever I went to the village I used to see more kachha houses (houses made of mud and brick), but now the scenario has changed and the number of pakka houses (made of concrete and other materials) has increased.

Most importantly, whenever I sleep outside at night, I look at the stars and count which I can’t do in the city.

There is a temple at the entrance of my village where people often worship, perform rituals. There is a big pond near the temple and on the bank of that pond, there are some big mango trees and a big peepal tree. The smell of different flowers and mango buds attracts everyone’s attention. My ancestral house is on the bank of the river behind the big Peepal tree.

There is a primary school in my village where the children of the village study with great enthusiasm. I love watching them while classes are on, but the school is closed for the summer vacation.

There is a small hospital in the village with a doctor and a nurse. They can take care of minor ailments like fever and abdominal pain. People have to go to nearby cities for complicated diseases and medicines. There are two or three grocery stores from where people can get basic necessities for their livelihood. Apart from the grocery store, there are two tea stalls that serve snacks along with tea.

The people of the village often come to sit at the tea stall in the evening, even during other hours of the day the stall is never empty. It is always full of people sipping tea and gossiping, and it is often people who tell each other the news of the world. There is one small post office in my village.

My favorite place in the village is the river which flows very calmly. I love going there with friends and spending time on the banks of the river. Across the river, there is a large meadow and some hills. This place would be a perfect picture to paint for any painter artist. All the young and old in our village swim and bathe in the river.

Whenever I come to my village after some time, I feel immense joy due to the calm atmosphere here, which is not often seen in the city. Most of the people in our village are dependent on agriculture, I get to enjoy some fresh and organic vegetables and fruits here which are absolutely fresh.

FAQs about Essay On My Village

What is the best thing about the villages?

There are many good things about villages such as fresh air, clean rivers, trees, no pollution, the earthy smell, fresh and organic food, and many more great things.

Do villages lack in development?

No, villages have grown quite well, and they are growing at a faster rate than cities.

Are villages important?

Yes. Villages are an important part of India’s geography. Life in villages can be lived in close contact with nature. Furthermore, communities serve as hubs for cultural activities and traditions.

How is life in a village?

Living in a village promotes a harmonious and peaceful way of life. Staying in a village allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life; you can avoid the madding crowd and the frantic rat race. The pace of life in a village is slow, beautiful, and soothing.

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