Essay on Rainy days for Students and Children in English

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500+ Words Essay on Rainy Days | Essay on My Experience On A Rainy Day

Essay on Rainy Days: Rainy days are different from any other day of the year. Rainy days hold a lot of importance for all humans including animals in different ways. Everyone has different reasons to wait impatiently for the rainy season. After all, a rainy day brings a sigh of relief to almost everyone. No matter what the weather is, a rainy day brings a lot of relaxation to our lives. There is no age limit to enjoy the rainy day, be it children or old people all enjoy the rainy day equally in the whole city. Thus, rainy days are very important for many reasons.

Monsoon is said to be the best of all seasons. After a long summer season, everyone waits for the monsoon because the monsoon brings a sigh of relief in the condition caused by the heat and the rainy day is quite pleasant.

Rainy days are different from any other day as they hold a lot of importance for everyone in a different way. Especially if it rains on unexpected days, it adds adventure to our lives. It has special importance in our life. During the rainy season, the surrounding environment is filled with happiness.

Essay on Rainy days for Students and Children in English
Essay on Rainy days

Children are most excited during rainy days. When it rains, children go out to play with water splashed on each other and jump in the rainwater and the most fun is to make a paper boat and play with it.

On the other hand, due to excessive rain, there is a holiday in the school for the students. As soon as the holiday is announced in the school, it gives a break to all those students from their monotonous routine. Children get a day off from enjoying the pleasure of going to school during rainy days and then sometimes getting the news of school closure due to heavy rains. As soon as school breaks, students become relaxed and spend time with their friends by going outside in the rain to play.

Rainy day is special for everyone, but the importance of rain is the most for the farmer because the growth of the crop on his farm depends largely on the rain.

Due to global warming, the monsoon season is often delayed these days and rainfall has become quite erratic. The first rain of the season brings happiness to the farmers, this is because it marks the beginning of the monsoon season which promotes the growth of crops. When the rains come, there is greenery all around, during the rainy days the fields seem full of life.

It is quite fun to see animals like dogs, cats, and cows going inside the shed to escape the rain. After the hot summer, the rains are like a gap in our tiring routine.

On a rainy day, we see how all the people get relief from the heat. A rainy day also changes the mood of all the people and their dull routine. A rainy day gives many people a chance to rejuvenate amidst the stress.

We are all connected with nature in some way, and like today all the people often spend their time on phones and gadgets. Rainy day is the rare time when we take our eyes off our phones and spend our time experiencing nature in all its glory.

Some people enjoy taking in the smell of rain and enjoy the rainy season. Many people go to their balconies on rainy days with a cup of tea and their favorite book. Enjoy the rainy season with tea and a book. Some people enjoy the rain with beautiful songs by plugging earphones into their phones.

Rainwater also opens up opportunities for harvesting and conservation in urban set-ups. Many people in the city make rainwater harvesting preparations on their roofs. They store water for future use and emergency purposes.

Rainy days are refreshing for all of us, and it requires us to discover the true self that we leave behind due to busy work lives.

Effects of Rainy Day

be it urban life or rural life; A rainy day affects each of them differently. We briefly explain here how a rainy day affects the life of a villager and a city dweller.

On Village Life

Normal days look a little different in villages as compared to cities. This is because, since agriculture is the main occupation of almost every villager, there is no rush of people in the village to reach the offices on time like the townspeople.

Only some farmers are taking care of their fields and a group of some students is going towards their school. If and whenever it rains heavily, it doesn’t affect almost everyone in the village very much; Although rain can delay them a bit.

On Urban Life

The effects of rainy days, as felt in almost all urban settlements, make life in cities quite different from those in villages. Due to heavy rains, the people of the cities get late to their big offices and busy businesses. Time means the money in cities; Hence;

Some city dwellers do not like rainy days very much. Some office goers and some shopkeepers in cities do not like unseasonal rains, as it sometimes means long delays or some loss for them.


Thus, everyone has their own ideal way of enjoying a rainy day, although some may also hate the hardships that a rainy day brings. For some, it is just an excuse to stay at home while for others it is an excuse to take on new adventures. Some spend their time cooking flavorful food while others like me spend time eating and gaining weight. Overall, rain is beautiful and brings happiness to life.

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FAQs for Essay on Rainy days

Q.1 How do rainy days benefit farmers?

Answer: Rainy days benefit farmers the most. They bring a sigh of relief for them. As it waters their crops free of cost and helps them flourish.

Q.2 How can one enjoy rainy days?

Answer: There are various ways to enjoy their rainy days. You can sit on your balcony and sip on tea while enjoying the rainy weather. Moreover, you may go out in the garden or roof and bathe in it. Make tiny paper boats and take a long drive on the road as well.

Q.3 When does the monsoon season start?

Answer: Monsoon season is uncertain in different parts of our country. Most commonly, the duration from mid-July to mid-September marks the monsoon season.

Q.4 How can rain harm crops?

Answer: Weighty and excess rain may ruin crops by causing soil erosion and wilting of plants. Floods result in heavy casualties.

Q.5 Why do schools declare holidays on rainy days?

Answer: Schools do not want to risk students’ safety by making them travel in a torrential downpour. Thus, they declare holidays in the monsoon.

Q.6 What do we see after rains in the sky?

Answer: We can see the rainbow after rains in the sky.

Q.7 Which colors can we see in the rainbow?

Answer: We can see violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors in a rainbow.

Q.8 Which state in India receives the highest average annual rainfall?

Answer: Sikkim is the state in India that receives the highest average annual rainfall.

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