Essay on Television for Students and Children in English

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500+ Words Essay on Television

In today’s hectic life, when we get time, we often watch TV for our entertainment. Even today, in the age of the Internet, television is a popular entertainment device.

Today, television is found in almost everyone’s homes and television is very common in the home. When television was invented, its purpose was only for entertainment. But nowadays television is not just a means of entertainment but an important mass media.

Essay on Television for Students and Children in English
Essay on Television

Nowadays there are such channels on televisions that provide education along with entertainment to the children. And through the news channel on television, we can see the news of the country and the world.

The word “television” is made up of two words “Tele” and “vision”. Tele, a Greek word meaning far, is used to name devices for operating over long distances, while vision means the act of seeing. “Television” can be said to have a screened device for receiving signals. A small box of television has brought the whole world to our home.

History of television

Television is considered one of the most amazing inventions of science and technology. It is our main source of entertainment in today’s life. Also, we get important information and can learn many new things from television. TV is currently one of the most popular advertising platforms.

In England in 1878, the Scottish amateur scientist, John Logie Baird, after years of hard work, successfully broadcast the first TV picture. This television works with the help of a mechanical system. The size of the TV is huge, and it cannot be carried by one person from one place to another.

The mechanical technology used in television was replaced by the improved electronic television in the year 1927 when Philo Farnsworth successfully demonstrated electronic television in San Francisco.
In the early days ‘television is not like the television of today.

Older television frames are made of wood, and it comes with an antenna, and the TV receives channels by radio wave. The knob on the TV has to be rotated to capture the radio signal waves.

In the past, there are only a few channels to watch on TV. Also, one cannot watch color programs on TV like today’s television. TV shows are black and white. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is used in that TV. Not only in black and white TVs but there are also many color TVs that come with cathode ray tubes.

Black and white TVs also cannot be controlled with a remote. If one wants to change the channel or adjust the volume, he has to go to the TV and fix it. When color TVs hit the market cable lines are used to provide channels, and one can define the color of something with this TV.

Scientists also thought about the problem of changing the channel by going in front of the TV and they invented the remote to control the TV from sitting anywhere. The name of the first RCA color TV set is CT-100.

Benefits of Watching Television

A cheap source of entertainment:

Television is a very cheap means of entertainment. Televisions are not very expensive nowadays and provide affordable entertainment at a very low cost. Television provides entertainment to everyone from children to old age. We can watch serials, plays, movies, sports matches, and cartoons.

For world news:

On television, we can see all the news happening in the world, and television is considered as the main source of spreading news in a short time. We can watch the news of the economy, industry, politics, and sports of the country and the world on TV sitting at our home.

To learn new things:

We can learn new things related to different fields through television. Educational programs, creative shows, and competitive events give a lot of knowledge and information about education and technology.

Increase in Family Unity:

Believe it or not, television helps in increasing the unity of the family because television is the only place where all the family members of the whole family can sit together. If a whole family sits together in a joyous mood, they can have an honest and open discussion.

Best Time Pass:

Television is the most important tool for those people who have a lot of time to pass, especially for older people. After retiring from their job or parents, they feel bored and lonely, and they find it difficult to give their time, then they keep themselves busy through television

Personality Development:

There are many such programs, sports matches, and full knowledge debates which help in enhancing the temperament of the students and children. We will learn new things and technology only through television. Huge international and national sports like Olympics, National tournaments, Commonwealth Games, etc., Sports helps the students to increase their awareness of sports.

Disadvantages of television

While there are many advantages, in the same way, TV also has some disadvantages. We cannot ignore its consequences. These side effects also badly affect our life and health.

How Television is Harming the Youth and Negative effects on health:

Most of the time sitting in front of the TV is not good for health. This is the most significant side effect of watching TV for most children. If we watch TV for more time than necessary then we will have to face many health-related problems like body ache, back pain, burning in the eyes.

People and most of the children in every household watch TV and sit on sofas or chairs throughout the day. Children and adults do not go outside to play because of watching television and this affects their health.

Children are often getting used to watching cartoon channels and spend more time watching TV, due to which the nature of the child becomes irritable. One of the major causes of obesity in children is watching TV for a long time.

Wastage of time:

Television is an excellent source of pleasure and entertainment, but excessive use of television is very harmful to both children and adults. Often we waste our time watching unnecessary serials or programs.

Negative effects of false advertising:

We see that the crowd around false advertising on television is increasing day by day. There are many advertisements on TV. Most of these advertisements are fake and against the rules and mindset of children and children. Because of this, they like only those things, which does not matter.


Whether television is good or bad for the viewers can be a very long debate. We conclude that the use of television is a useful invention. But not using TV properly gives many side effects.

FAQs for Essay on Television

Q. 1. How does television benefit people?

Answer: Tv offers people a very cheap source of entertainment. It saves them from boredom and helps them get various information and knowledge about worldly affairs.

Q. 2. What is the negative side of television?

Answer: Tv has a negative side to it because it harms some people’s health when watched in excess. Moreover, it is the very easiest platform to spread fake news and create misunderstandings between communities and destroy the peace and harmony of many countries.

Q. 3. Who invented the first Television?

Answer: John Loggie Baird, a Scottish amateur scientist invented TV in 1878.

Q. 4. What is the name of the first color Television?

Answer: The name of the first color Television set is CT -100.

Q. 5. What is the full form of CRT?

Answer: The full form of CRT is the cathode-ray tube.

Q. 6. How does old TV get channels?

Answer: Old TVs get channels by catching the radio waves.

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