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A vast majority of people never pay attention to the proofreading tasks that lie await after they have completed their texts. According to college admission officers, however, proofreading is one of the most important contributing factors when it comes to considering how great a student’s application is. Editing and proofreading go hand in hand, with spell-checking being the major part of the latter. This issue may seem trivial and may not be at the top of your to-do list. However, proper spelling and grammar are important as they reduce any event of miscommunication between you and the reader and also showcase your understanding of the subject matter.

You may misspell words because you are a non-native writer or you don’t have the firmest grip on the subject material you are writing about. For example, you may confuse technical terms in biology or medicine or even inaccurately spell them. Your teacher or lecturer won’t care much about how great your logic is if you can’t spell the term correctly and can’t make a concise presentation. This situation transcends academics into the professional environment where you may need to send circulars, emails, presentations, memos, etc. With our free online spell check, you do not have to worry about careless mistakes that reduce your hard-earned marks.

Free Spell and Grammar Check | Providing You with Smart Tools

Spell checking isn’t just as simple as checking the correct spelling of a word. It has to do with deeper issues of morphology and usage of various nouns, pronouns, verbs, and other parts of speech in general in a specific context. This means that words are directly related to other words around them, and they may be used incorrectly even if they are spelt correctly. Regular spell checkers may only provide the basics, i.e., checking a word against its dictionary form. This may, however, prove unreliable, especially if you are proofreading a complex or highly technical document.

What we provide is an intelligent tool that can assess different forms and usages of the same word by analyzing millions of uploads and internet pages to pin down the correct meaning. This includes everything from plural forms, synonyms, possessives, verbal forms, and contractions. Our spelling check online provides an easy-yet-comprehensive resource to get you a crisp text which flows logically and is succinct in expression. Part of the problem that students of average prowess in English writing face is being too wordy or forming incoherent or difficult expressions. Our spellchecker is your own virtual assistant, and there is much you can do with it aside from rectifying mistakes.

What Can Our Tool Assist You With?

The basic construction of our spell check tool is the text scan which compares every word in your document to various dictionary formats and checks whether both the construct and usage is correct. Therefore you’ll get a list of all incorrectly spelled words in your document, and you can automatically correct them with a single button. Our tool offers a deeper kind of scan as mentioned. We check correct word usage and morphology, and we’ll provide results and suggestions for your sentence and paragraph structures, or synonyms to replace incorrect words and phrases.

The thing is that our writing is influenced a lot by cultural and regional factors, and pronunciation is heavily affected by how we write words. This can be a big blow to students applying to universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, who may have great application essays but have weak spelling and grammar. Our spell check website comes in handy for ESL learners and those who are tired of regular spellchecks.

How Does Our Spellchecker Work?

Our free spell check tool is interactive and intelligent, powered by AI. If you use a word which is not recognized in the English language, you can add that word to the dictionary, and we’ll check other instances of its usage on the internet, including contextual applications. You can choose the preferred proofing language because some words differ in their spelling depending on the country. For example, Americans use “analyze” while Brits prefer “analyse”. None of these is incorrect, but the word usage differs by region.

Other uses of spell checker are in instances of a more grammatical nature, such as using an incorrect article next to a noun (for example “a apple” instead of “an apple”). Our spellchecker also intelligently identifies homophones, which are the words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings, e.g., “hair” and “hare”.

Our free spell checker also works with statistical computations to check out and understand various word uses across various regions in the world to return the best result for the necessary context. This ensures that your writing is clear and doesn’t contain any ambiguity.

Make Use of Our Agile Spelling Checker

Our spell correction tool is dynamic and works in different ways to ensure that you derive maximum benefits from it. We have a large dictionary inbuilt in our servers, and we can intelligently correlate word usage across different regions and in various contexts. We don’t just restrict you to pre-defined rules of spell-checking. Rather we employ a variety of techniques to help you create the very best version of your text.

With such a powerful tool you’re probably thinking, “I need a powerful device to check my spelling”. Not quite. While our spellchecker is based on AI and has access to vast amounts of internet resources apart from our own server-side application, we have optimized the experience for most browsers and virtually all smart devices. Therefore, you can copy your text on a smartphone and still get the same results.

While our checker will easily detect and highlight most of the errors in your work, it is usually advised that you go through the final document at least once on your own just to make sure that the desired quality is what you expected. You may ask why? Well, no application is perfect. Our tool may replace a word in your text, but the stylistic usage might not exactly suit the style of your writing. You may prefer saying “I had a fun day” instead of “I had a pleasurable day”. Both words and the context of their usage are correct, but the stylistic presentation in the second instance may not come off how you want it.

Our Tool Is a Revolution in Spell Checking

Our spell check free is a versatile resource used by millions of students and professionals around the world. We have taken something quite complex and have heavily simplified it so that anyone, even a small child, can use it with ease. You simply need to upload the file that you want to proofread. Alternatively, you can open the text document and copy-paste the content onto the editing tab in our application. Just click the “check my document” button, and your document will be proofread in real-time, being compared against an entire corpus of dictionary words and other multiple texts on the internet.

Our spell checker free will immediately generate results, and you can see the percentage of your incorrect writing, specific suggestions on what you should change, and the correct usage of certain words as assessed by our application. The process for spell check online is quite intuitive and interactive. When you paste a large quantity of text on the edit tab, you will be issued with a warning about the maximum word count. Likewise, if your usage of a word is incorrect according to our analysis, you will be provided with a brief explanation on why that word has been used incorrectly. We make the process seamless and allow you to learn even as you are making your corrections.

Easy and Quick Spell Checker Whenever You Need It

You don’t have to subject yourself to a cumbersome spelling correction exercise with our application. The point is that you can do all your editing on your browser and export the final paper to various document formats. What is more, you can check spelling in the text of any complexity and take your most important documents through a rigorous proofreading process that would otherwise be impossible if you were to do it manually. This tool allows you to not only correct your documents and submit them in the fastest time possible, but it also allows you to learn and improve your writing as you go along.

We help the lives of millions of students around the world by providing them with a thorough spelling check tool at no extra cost. This allows students to improve their skills and get better grades as well as professionals to enhance their communication and channel a great impression. Our online spelling turns you into an exceptional writer with just a few clicks. Be counted among the best by ordering from the most reliable spell-checking software online, or from our expert human proofreaders. Use our service today!

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