The Importance of  Good Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a highly important document that every doctorate student has to submit when finishing the doctoral academic degree. Hence, if you want to graduate and get your Ph.D. diploma, you have to work really hard on this final assignment. It is your ticket to professional life. Without obtaining a Doctor of Science degree, it will be difficult to find a highly-paid job. Only such Masters and Ph.D. degrees matter to prestigious organizations from various industries. So, if you plan to become a senior instead of getting stuck in the junior position for ages, you should better try hard to get a Doctor of Science degree. Your diploma will be a great addition to your job resume or application package!

The main issue is to successfully pass the most crucial assignment required at PhD level – a dissertation. Unlike a regular essay or research paper, this task is made of hundreds of pages. It consists of many different sections:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results & Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography/Literature Review
  • Appendices
  • Glossary

While a couple of the last parts are not that significant or obligatory at all, others are equally important when it comes to grading. Do not expect any mercy from the university professors – unlike high school teachers, they will not give you another chance. You will have to wait for another year to submit and defend one more dissertation or improve the existing one.

In the university, professors do not assign a particular topic when it comes to writing a dissertation. This project is fully yours starting from the research question selection and ending up with the research. That is why you have to choose a dissertation topic on your own. Watch out! As the competition among graduates is rather high, your dissertation has to be brilliant to let you earn your Ph.D. degree.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Topic?

Now that you know that you should pick a subject to discuss on your own, you may wonder which are the best law, philosophy, nursing, or MBA dissertation topics. Here we have mentioned only a few of the most popular fields. There is no doubt business administration is the top demanded field of study along with the programs related to information technologies. These two are closely related, and they usually promise high rewards for the best students. Those rewards are your wages, social benefits, career growth, and, of course, personal growth. Business is not a stable field, but once you manage to study it in-depth, you will most probably succeed with your start-up or management job.

As we have already mentioned, the key to a winning dissertation is a topic. We represent online academic writing and editing service that offers top-quality help with dissertation topic as well as custom writing. Custom writing means writing a paper from scratch. Thanks to the numerous positive feedbacks, affordable price and discounts, and quick delivery, our company is trusted by thousands of customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. We serve all regions of the English-speaking world.

Our professional writers excelled in writing the dissertations and can provide some useful ideas regarding the process of choosing a topic. Firstly, collect all top ideas related to the field of study through brainstorming, web search, or library search, and put down the most interesting and fresh ideas from the sources you observe. Keep in mind that you should consider only the recent subjects (from the sources that are not outdated (no older than 5 years). Students should always ensure the potential topic can be supported by the credible evidence and check whether enough sources are available on the given subject before making a final decision. Many of our customers claim that it is vital to make sure nobody else has the same topic. It will not be a tragedy, but, still, it is better to stand out from your peers. If you are too shy to ask, just think about something no-one else will choose for sure. Finally, consult the tutor, as you should get the professor’s approval before you start working on the selected topic as your opinion might contradict the opinion of your professor. In some cases, the subject can be not relevant enough.

Keep in mind that you will also have to write some supporting documents. Those are thesis and research proposal. You may give them different titles, but the topic should be the same. Anyway, if you cannot solve the issue on your own or you have no idea how to write one of the sections, ask for help with dissertation topic our talented experts. They will research any issue in-depth and conduct a personal study to make you look in the best light when it comes to defending your project. We can also make great presentations and speeches for your defence stage.

10 Outstanding Examples of Dissertation Topics for MBA Students

Often the major part of your grade depends on the topic/title of the project. That is why you should not underestimate the value of this element. You should choose something you are interested in as you have to study the issue deeper. Most probably, you will agree that gathering information about something you really like is way better than searching for the things you dislike.

Our team of experts works day and night long on your orders to make you fully gasified with the custom dissertations written upon your request. For instance, you can look through these MBA dissertation topics examples to have an idea of what our writers can cover for you if you wish to get your diploma in the field of business administration:

  • The way Millennial Generation cooperates with the older ones
  • Empirical analysis of WalMart’s performance and leadership
  • Workplace ethics in global organizations
  • An evaluation of McDonald’s strategy
  • A business plan on nightclub for men
  • The way banking sector impacts encomium growth of the US
  • The integration strategies of global stock exchanges
  • The influence of TQM on the service industry
  • The effects of culture on negotiations in the context of multinational enterprises
  • Creative ads versus direct marketing

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