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Plagiarism is one of the most dreaded offences in academic circles. For most people, the idea of plagiarism is limited not only to providing a citation of sources. The thing is that plagiarism encompasses a variety of other actions that include the following:

  • Deliberate plagiarism, when the words or ideas of another author are copied word for word without attribution or citation. This shows a pre-meditated intention to cheat and often leads to grave penalties. It also includes mosaic plagiarism where words are replaced by synonyms with the intention to throw the reader off their track.
  • Self-plagiarism, in which you submit a part of your own previous work as part of a new assignment.
  • Accidental plagiarism, when you misrepresent sources, forget to cite them, or even paraphrase ideas without including sources.

No doubt, most students and authors fall in the latter category of accidentally plagiarizing the work of others. However, ignorance is neither bliss nor an excuse. Any form of plagiarism may be deemed as reckless, seeing as due diligence is required of you as you conduct close reading and source for research material either locally or from the internet. You can’t depend on manual methods of keeping track of all your sources. Our free plagiarism checker online helps cover all your bases by comparing your text against billions of others across the internet, and you can do it all with just a few simple clicks.

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Whether you are putting together the final pieces of an important proposal or thesis, or you have just ordered a custom paper from an online company, checking your document against plagiarism should be one of the main tasks on your to-do list. There is always a hidden comfort in finding great information from a random internet source and trying to pass it off as your own in the hopes that your teacher or professor has never come across it before. But what if he or she accesses a plagiarism tool they can use to check whether your work truly represents your own views?

This is a risk you can’t run. If you don’t expressly duplicate content from another person’s work and try to pass it off as your own, you can still fall victim to unintended plagiarism. Maybe you forgot where you placed your annotation notes and didn’t have enough time to countercheck each reference one by one. Or maybe you picked up a well-known quote from the internet whose source you didn’t know and tried to build an idea around it without attributing the quote to the author. Any number of potential things may go wrong. In this respect, free plagiarism checkers will help you avoid all this by distinguishing between your own viewpoints and those of others.

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What we provide is a tool that helps you easily spot any form of plagiarism. Even if you were to alter the content of the plagiarized text with synonyms, it would still be possible to spot this with a reliable plagiarism detector. While doing research for your paper, it is always a good idea to annotate as you move along. However, this is tedious, and you may also not have enough time to come back to the paper after you have completed writing it. One tested way to make sure that even with the least amount of time you can still hand in an impeccable paper without any fault is using a reliable plagiarism checker.

It is always difficult to transition into your own writing style and hone your own technique without relying too much on the words of others. In undergraduate writing, much of your work will consist of compiling and collating information from various sources. This means that a large portion of your work may be based on the ideas of others. Your teacher may find large strings of text and ideas largely drawn from other works even if you personally assumed that you were expressing an original idea. This is why a plagiarism checker free can assist you to beat all kinds of plagiarism and help you craft an authentic final paper.

Tips on Creating Your Own Original Writing

As a fresh undergraduate new to the college writing and research process, you may find it quite difficult to express your views without outright plagiarizing the ideas of others. You might be drawn to well-known or established sources, especially if they are used as authoritative ones. This makes it difficult to detach yourself from the ideas of astute authors and to express your own ideas independently. Even if you haven’t digested enough material to chart your own ideas, you should still articulate your ideas succinctly and clearly while acknowledging the input of others.

With a quick plagiarism check, you can be sure that any red flags will be addressed in good time and that you can note any potential cases of plagiarism before the paper is submitted. The point is that you should reference everything, including illustrations and any other material you present that isn’t your own. When it comes to research, you’d rather settle for a few authoritative sources, understand their content and provide its analysis. Many students assume that having many sources in a single piece of work will give their work depth, but the truth is quite contrary. Providing your own independent analysis of the material you read will help keep your writing focused, and the material you choose will be easily referenceable.

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What we offer is more than just a way to quickly check the work for plagiarism when you are running short of time. We provide an innovative way to check a document of any length online. You can also use our resource as frequently as possible, and we’ll even let you know when you have plagiarized your own work.

We also provide a free plagiarism checker for teachers who may be overwhelmed with a heavy workload and those who lack time to keep track of all sources used by their students. Likewise, our resource can be used by bloggers, authors, social media personalities, and professionals writing reports or documents that need some level of research.

There are plagiarism checkers that will only cover the surface of what is being checked. With a robust and intelligent system such as what we provide every little detail such as paraphrases, citations, quotes, and references to illustrations will all be highlighted for you to spot and change easily. The thing is that our online plagiarism checker highlights every instance of plagiarism in your text, shows you the link to the internet source and provides a plagiarism report showing what percentage of your text has been plagiarized in one form or the other.

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As a student rushing to beat an assignment deadline, copy checking may be the last thing on your mind. Why lose valuable points when you can make use of the best free plagiarism checker on the internet? In fact, you can work concurrently on your drafts and check them for plagiarism even before you get to the real document. Our powerful algorithms and servers are designed to sift through thousands of files every second ensuring the deepest possible scan all over the internet. We not only provide a simple word match but we also check the context, thus detecting even the most hidden forms of plagiarism.

Even for a re-written text, which might pass the test of an ordinary reader, our plagiarism software can quickly detect where someone else’s ideas are presented as the author’s. This comprehensive tool will enable you to write a high-quality text by identifying duplicated content quickly. This is a form of empowerment as you never have to worry about plagiarism detected in your work.

“How Fast Can I Check My Paper for Plagiarism?”

There are numerous advantages that you get when you check for plagiarism using our software. These include:

  • Affordability: You can use our most basic software for free. For more detailed checks, including plagiarism reports, you will be charged a very small sum.
  • Quality: We do in-depth scans, and we provide comprehensive reports on any paper our software audits.
  • Guarantee of 100% authenticity when we check paper for plagiarism.
  • Speed: We work to deliver quick results.
  • Confidentiality: Your identity will be confidential, and you don’t have to worry about using our service.
  • 24/7 customer support: We’re always available through hotline, email, or live chat.

Avoiding plagiarism has become considerably easier thanks to our brilliant software. Now anyone can get access to it. Scrutinize your text at a break-neck speed and get the results by simply copying-and-pasting, or uploading a desired file. It’s that simple! Use our service and forget about plagiarism forever.

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