Essay on My First Day At School for Students in English

Essay on My First Day At School for Students and Children in English is a very important essay topic for every student in classes 1 to 12. This My First Day At School Essay is possible to use at schools, colleges, or university levels.

500+ Words Essay on My First Day At School | My First Day in School Essay

Our lives are full of new experiences that we have on different days. Similarly, the first day of school is a memorable experience. How could anyone forget their first day? It is only natural to remember the day, no matter good or bad day. As a result, my first day of school essay will guide you through my experience.

Essay on My First Day At School for classes 1 to 12
Essay on My First Day At School

A New Experience

My first day of school was an entirely new experience for me. It is because the environment completely changes for any kid. You always stay in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Your first day of school introduces you to new experiences and opportunities. Like any other kid, I was terrified on my first day. I recall clearly not letting go of my mother’s hand as I hesitated to enter the big classroom.

On my first day, I got up excited and put on my new uniform for the first time. The feeling it gave me was so memorable, I can never forget it. As it was my first day, both my parents went to drop me off for the first time in school.

I recall seeing a classroom full of small children. Some are crying, while others are playing with others. I looked at my mother and told her I didn’t want them to leave. They had to leave, so I kept crying, but my teacher eventually consoled me.

I introduced myself to the other students and began playing with them once I had settled in. The vibrant walls of the classroom attracted me. We had a lot of toys to play with, so the other kids became distracted and stopped crying.

My Brother My Saviour

My advantage was that my brother attended the same school. He was my senior because he was 4 years older than me. I started crying during recess because I was missing my parents.

But then my brother came to meet me, and I consider him to be a saviour that day. He got permission from the teacher to take me out, and I went to the playground with him.

Throughout recess, we were swinging. All of my fears disappeared because I was supported by a familiar face. The bell rang to signal the end of recess after we had finished eating and swinging together. So he returned me to my class.

He kissed me and patted my head before leaving. It was enough to keep me from crying the rest of the day. As a result, having my brother there for me made me feel extremely fortunate.

Conclusion of My First Day At School Essay

As a result, my first day of school was extremely enjoyable. It makes me proud to look back on it and share my experience with others. My first day at school helped me gain confidence, which shaped the rest of my time there. As a result, it was a memorable experience for me.

Essay on My First Day At School 150 words

When I was a kid, unlike other kids, I was overjoyed to see new kids in a new place on my first day of school. I kissed my parents goodbye, unaware that I wouldn’t be able to see them for the rest of the day. I assumed it was another amusement park from which I would return home in two hours.

I was mystified to see other children crying and refusing to leave their parents’ arms. I entered the school, and my headmistress escorted me to my class, where she introduced me to my teacher and the other students. This made me feel special as well as happy.

I took my bag and began to walk out of the classroom after 2 hours to meet my parents. My teacher then calmly explained to me that I needed to stay in the room for the entire day. I felt bad about it, but I distracted myself by playing with toys and other students in the classroom.

My parents shared the entire experience with me because I don’t remember everything because I was a child at the time. It made me realize how open we are to new experiences as children and how we are hesitant to do the same as adults.

Short essay on my first day at school for class 5

My Very First Day of School There have been many memorable events in my life that I will never forget. My first day of school is one such occasion. I recall my parents waking me up 14 years ago and assisting me in putting on my school uniform.

My heart was pounding as I started school with my parents. As I entered the school grounds, I noticed a large number of small boys and girls. I was led to a classroom after meeting the headmaster. There were a lot of kids my age sitting on the benches.

I was nervous and scared for a while. I gradually shared a few words with the other students. The teacher then arrived and introduced herself to all of us. On the first day, there were only five periods. My parents were waiting for me as the final bell rang. At the end of the day, I was overjoyed. On my way home from school, I told my parents about my experience.

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Essay on my first day at school for classes 8, 9, 10th in 250 words

When my mother was transferred to a new city, I had to enrol in a new school. The 15th of July was a significant date in my life. My first day of school had arrived. I left for school with my mother, in my new uniform and we arrived at the school.

My mother and I went to see the principal. I was scared, but he appeared to be a very warm and friendly person. He called up the peon and asked him to accompany me to my classroom. I walked into the classroom. I noticed that all of the students were staring at me.

Some of them seemed to be making fun of me. I was extremely nervous. My teacher asked me my name and directed me to the first bench. I made an introduction to the class. All of the teachers were pleasant. They were all excellent teachers. During recess, some of my classmates approached me and befriended me. They offered to assist me with my classes. We had a great time together. I wasn’t alone anymore.

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FAQ for Essay on My First Day At School

Q 1. Why is the first day of school memorable?

Ans: We usually remember the first day of school because it is a new experience for us completely. It is the first time we step out from the comfort of our home as kids, so it will be very memorable.

Q 2. How do you write your first day of school essay?

Ans: (1) Write about how you felt a day before you started school. (2) Write about how you were taken to school and how you felt. (3) Write about how the school you were taken to and its environment. (4) Write about what happened at the school.

Q 3. How do you feel on your first day of school?

Ans: You’re probably feeling very excited and maybe a little sad that summer vacation is over. Some children feel nervous or a little scared on the first day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. Luckily, these “new” worries only stick around for a little while.

Q 4. How do I prepare for my first day of school?

Ans: 7 Tips For Preparing For Back To School
1. Start a morning schedule.
2. Eat a tasty and healthy breakfast.
3. Set out clothes the night before.
4. Pack a healthy lunch.
5. Follow a lunch schedule.
6. Make dedicated TV-free time.
7. Play board or word games.

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