Essay on Books for Students and Children | Books Essay in English

Essay on Books: Books are our fellow friends who have no expectations or complaints; they simply provide us with a sense of enjoyment in the form of enhanced knowledge, wisdom, information, entertainment, and always assist us in making the right decisions in life.

500+ Words Essay on Books

Books have long been considered the best friend of man. They are very useful for human beings and books provide a great part in the development of human beings.

Books are a storehouse of information and knowledge and many books provide knowledge along with entertainment. Through books, we get a wealth of knowledge and provide many things without asking for anything in return.

Essay on Books for Students and Children in English
Essay on Books for Students in English

Books have a very deep impact on us and are responsible for raising our knowledge. So in today’s era of technology, we should make books as our companions.

Whenever we have free time, especially during the long vacations of the child, he should familiarize himself with books. They give a good lesson; which will be useful to us in life and when we read stories about some great men then we get to know how they became great.

One knows about his life and his lessons. Books are very important as they provide some good things which increase our knowledge and books are the keys to intelligent society.

They provide a safe place for any intelligent person to express his thoughts so that the person can convey his ideas to other people through the book. They provide a means of transport of thoughts and knowledge from one person to another.

Even the ancient scriptures which are ‘Panchtantra’ or ‘Aesop’s fables’ or ‘Ramayana’ story or ‘Mahabharata’ or ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ illustrated stories can also be very useful to know about ancient scriptures.

Our great culture or the stories written by other great writers or the life-histories of great men can have a lot to teach and which provides a lot of knowledge to man.

Words of knowledge, noble thoughts, great deeds are obtained from such books. That is why we children should learn to read books from an early age to gain knowledge. The best thing about books is that there are many types of books like ancient stories, about great men, comedy books, etc.

Anyone can read, not just children, to acquire different types of knowledge. Reading should be done by people of all ages. It not only broadens the thinking of man but also increases our vocabulary.

There are different types of books available for book readers, we can read according to our interest. Every day thousands of books are released in the market ranging from travel books to fantasy books.

We can choose any book as per our interest to expand our knowledge and enjoy the reading experience. There are many benefits of reading books.

Firstly, it enhances our knowledge of various subjects. Also, it makes us wiser. We learn different things when we read different books, which also makes us learn to deal with it differently in personal life. Similarly, books also entertain us.

They kill our boredom and give us good company when we are alone that’s why it is said that one book is equal to 100 friends. Also, through books, we get to know what areas we are interested in. I help us. Through the book, we also determine our career choice to a great extent.

Most importantly, books improve and enhance our vocabulary. We learn new words from it. Also, books, encourage our creativity.

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They help us discover an entirely new side. In other words, through books, we become more fluent in another language. They also enhance our writing skills. We also gain confidence as a result of our book knowledge. They help us in debates, public speeches, quizzes, etc.

In short, books give us a new perspective and give us a deeper understanding of things. Books also have a positive impact on our personality.

As a result, we can see how books provide us with numerous benefits. We should encourage all people to read more and more books and to use less work phone.

FAQs for Essay on Books

Why are books important?

Books are extremely important to mankind. They broaden our understanding and vocabulary. They entertain us while simultaneously broadening our horizons. This, in turn, makes us more self-assured and wise.

What are the advantages of reading books?

Increases verbal/writing skills and also Vocabulary. Helps articulate thoughts and develops your imagination.

When is World Book Day?

The 5th March of every year is celebrated as the international day of books and copyrights.

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