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500+ Words My Favourite Place Essay in English

Every human being in the world has a favorite place where he can relax and feel safe in his confinement. A place that instantly changes our mood and makes us forget all our worries, and a place to go in times of sorrow. A place that reminds you of happy memories and you enjoy sitting in it to relive them.

Among my favorite places, the beach comes first. As soon as I reach the beach, I reach a different world, where I recollect beautiful memories, and where the breaking waves of the sea bring great comfort and satisfaction to my mind. It is a great feeling to sit on the beach.

My Favourite Place Essay in English
My Favourite Place Essay

The ocean is considered the most wonderful blessing of all human beings, which reflects the magnificence of the creator of the universe. The beauty and charm of the ocean cannot be expressed in words, which has inspired many poets and writers to write poems about it. We all must have heard countless poems, and stories about the sea.

My favorite place is the beach. Where water and sand are two of my favorite things. The sun seems to be shining all the time on the beach. The sky looks very beautiful over the sea, especially during sunrise and sunset.

I like it very much when the crowd of people is less on the beach because then there is a feeling of peace on the beach. Where I often go to relax and calm my mind. I also do a variety of activities by the sea and play games with friends.

My friends and I play on the beach to hunt for treasures hidden in the sand. In which one team hides various objects under the sand and the other team has instructions written on paper cards to help the other team reach the treasure hidden under the sand. As I build castles out of sea sand, my friends and I compete with each other to choose the ideal building design.

When I go to the beach with my friends and family, I plan a barbecue on the beach with them and we enjoy the weather around while listening to music on the beach.

One of my favorite things to do is play the XO game on the sand with my friends at the beach. It is a lot of fun to play water war or play with water balloons. Apart from this, you can enjoy sea socks on the beach.

Volleyball is another beach sport that I love to play with my friends. The ocean has had a profound effect on my mind. It is a source of new energy and hope. I know everyone loves to go to the beach as a natural place to relax and enjoy themselves.

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