Essay on Plants | Importance Of Plants Essay in English

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500+ Words Essay on Plants in English

Consider what would happen if there were no plants on the planet. Life on earth would not have been possible if there were no plants around us. Plants and animals are integral parts of the biological community on Earth. Plants are essential to the life of almost everyone, from microscopic bacteria to humans.

But today we need to learn a lot about the value of plants. Over time, the plants mature into trees. We see many types of plants around us. The existence of plants is important for the survival of all living beings and humans on earth. The innumerable benefits of plants cannot be neglected, it maintains balance on the earth.

Essay on Plants or Importance Of Plants Essay in English
Essay on Plants

We don’t realize it but it is the ultimate source of food for about 95% of the population on earth. So it is not wrong to say that they are not dependent on us but our life definitely depends on them. There are more than 300 thousand species of plants found on earth.

When a plant grows, it makes the area around it green and beautiful. It is true that people who live near greenery tend to be healthier and happier than those who do not live near greenery.

Plants help in controlling the water cycle, because of plants we get clean water. Plants also aid in the movement of water from the soil to the atmosphere through a process called transpiration.

Plants provide us with a variety of products including food, wood, textiles, oils, resins, coal, and petroleum. Plants also provide us with the raw materials needed to manufacture things like shelter, clothing, medicines, and fuel. We depend on the plant for almost all the medicines we use. And it can be said that four out of every five people on earth depend on plants for their main health care.

Importance of Plants

Plants are providing vital essential services to all the living organisms on this planet. It had been essential for everyone since the evolution of life on earth. The several importances of plants to us are enlisted below:

Food provider for all living beings: Plants are the main source of food for all living beings on earth. They have the ability to make their own food, hence plants are called autotrophs. All the living beings on earth are completely dependent on plants directly or indirectly for food. Plants are also called producers.

Humans grow a variety of plant crops to meet their dietary needs. Plants supply us with different types of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Plant products are considered as food for the living organisms on earth. On the other hand, carnivores also depend on plants indirectly because they eat animals dependent on plants for food.

Oxygen Provider for us: Oxygen is the most important gas for the life of living beings. It is the gas that helps in the process of respiration. Life on Earth would be impossible without the presence of oxygen.

Plants are the only source of oxygen for humans. They produce oxygen gas as a byproduct of their photosynthetic food-making process. That’s why the plant also provides oxygen which is the life force along with the food.

Used to make medicine: There are different types of medicinal plants in the form of herbs, shrubs, and trees and here medicinal plants are used to make various medicines. Out of these, parts of the plants, such as leaves, bark, and fruits are used to treat a variety of diseases that were quite prevalent in our country. In ancient times people applied plant parts or liquids directly to wounds or mild diseases of the body.

Helps prevent soil erosion: Plants help bind the top layer of soil and protect the soil layers. Plant and grassroots bind the soil and protect the soil from erosion. Plants also aid in the absorption of rainwater and the prevention of runoff and waste. Rainwater absorption by plants and trees helps recharge groundwater aquifers, which helps to raise the groundwater level.

Conservation of plants is the need of the hour and it is the only viable option to compensate for our disregard for nature. In today’s time, it is necessary that we should realize the importance of the existence of plants for ourselves. The loss of plants due to deforestation and extinction will greatly affect the survival of living organisms on earth.


Plants are vital for the survival of all living things. We are able to breathe pure air only because of vegetation. Our survival is dependent on the existence of plants, so we must take care of them. Without them, all species in the world would slowly perish due to a lack of oxygen.

Unfortunately, these trees are being cut down for the manufacture of furniture and other wooden products. We must understand that plants have their own lives. As a result, it is important to raise plant awareness and take appropriate steps to encourage tree plantation.

FAQ’s on Essay on Plants

Q.1 Which part of the plant grows first in the seed of a plant?

Answer: The radical of the seed grows first as the root of the plants.

Q.2 Which tree flowers are used to make colors of Holi?

Answer: The flowers of the Tesu tree are dried and used in making colors of Holi.

Q.3 Which group of plants does not have roots, leaves, and stems?

Answer: The Bryophytes are the group of plants having no root, stem, or leaf.

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Essay on Plants

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