Importance of Trees Essay for Students and Children in English

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500+ Words Essay on Importance of Trees

We all know from childhood that trees are our best friends because trees are the ones that clean the air in which we all humans and all living beings breathe. Similarly, trees are one of the most useful for us clean the water and soil of our land and ultimately make the earth a better place. Many scientists say that people who live near trees are healthier, fitter, and happier than other people.

Also, so now it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of our best and selfless friend means trees who serve us selflessly in many ways. The most important thing is that by saving the plants, we are not doing the plants a favor but we are doing ourselves a favor. Because the life of trees and plants is not dependent on us, but the life of all of us humans and other animals depends on trees.

Importance of Trees Essay for Students and Children in English
Importance of Trees Essay

Trees are very important, valuable, and essential for the survival of all of us humans and animals because they have provided us with the two most important things for life; food and oxygen. Apart from keeping us alive, there are many other small and big benefits of trees which we get from many different types of trees. Therefore, trees are important resources for the survival of many other living beings including humans.

Therefore, now many governments around the world and many private and government organizations are taking many important steps to stop the felling of trees and tell the benefits of planting trees. Let us know about some important points regarding the importance of trees for the existence of human life.

Importance of Trees

Trees are important for all of us in many ways and we all cannot ignore their importance in the slightest. Trees are important to us in many ways, one of them is that they play a very important role in bringing us fresh air to breathe, food for all of us to eat, shelter/shade in the harsh sun and rain.

Apart from this, there are many medicines available in the market which are made from the extracts of trees. Apart from this, along with our India, there are such plants and trees in many other countries of the world which have medicinal value.

Seeing the tree always gives a kind of peace to the mind. If there are trees around you then you feel a pleasant and relaxing environment. Also, they help a lot in reflecting the harmful rays coming from the sun and maintaining a balanced temperature on our earth.

Apart from this, trees also help in conserving water and preventing soil erosion. They also manage the ecosystem and in India, many types of plants are worshiped since ancient times.

Benefits of Trees

Trees provide us with many types of benefits, some of which we cannot see but because of those trees have great importance in our life. Trees help us fight climate change by absorbing many dangerous greenhouse gases which are the main cause of climate change.

In addition, they replenish groundwater and thoroughly filter the air from many harmful pollutants and odors. In addition, they are a great source of many types of food and the king of fruits ‘mango’ also grows on the trees.

In addition, trees are a major source of rain because they attract clouds to the surface and bring rain to many parts of the world. Trees can be a good teacher, companion of sports, and a great example of unity in diversity for us.

Above all, they are a good source of reducing air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.

Oxygen and Global Warming

Almost all trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and release fresh oxygen, most useful for our life, into the atmosphere. This whole cycle has been created by nature to sustain other living beings including us humans.

In addition, harmful carbon dioxide that is exploited by trees is one of the greenhouse gases. Whenever these and many other harmful greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, our earth becomes an invisible layer and blocks the heat of the sun. This results in a great increase in atmospheric temperature. This causes global warming. That is why we all have to plant more and more trees, only then the air will be clean and the effect of global warming will be less.

Ecosystem and Ecological Value of Trees

Trees are the major contributor to a rich and healthy ecosystem. Many animals, insects, birds get their homes due to trees and all these together make up a diverse ecosystem. Due to this balanced environment, all animals including humans get a good environment. Trees make their own food, meaning all trees make their own food through a process called photosynthesis.

Apart from this, trees are a rich source of many types of medicines which are used to cure our diseases in a natural way which also reduces the damage to our body as done by Ayurveda.

Water Balance

Whenever rain falls on the earth, the trees absorb the water and hold them in the ground. Due to this, it prevents a large amount of clean water from flowing and wasting in the drains. All its trees also act as watersheds and for some time whenever floods occur, they hold that water before slowly releasing it into the earth and atmosphere.

The root system of all trees is so well-formed by nature that it protects the soil from being washed away in large quantities during heavy rains and heavy floods and thus prevents landslides and soil erosion.

Value of Trees

When you plant seeds of any plant or tree in or around your house, it makes the area around you green. Also, the tree is not only very useful for humans, but it is also very useful for many birds. Many birds make their nests in trees, many reptiles and animals prefer to live on or near trees.

Apart from this, we all get many types of beautiful flowers from the tree, and also many types of food growing on the tree which is also useful for many birds and animals including humans. Apart from this, for many years, humans have used many parts of trees such as roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and many types of seeds for food. The most important thing about trees is that they never ask us for anything in return for their selfless services and gifts given by them. Trees also maintain balance in ecosystem and ecology.

Social Value

Historically, trees have been worshiped or given cultural significance in different ways in many countries. Particularly in India, many trees are considered very sacred because of their usefulness or their connection to ancient Indian mythology.

Cultures in other countries have symbolically represented many trees and their many different types of leaves in artworks and sculptures. In addition, the cultures of some countries view trees as powerful symbols of life, death, and rebirth.

FAQs on Importance Of Trees Essay

Q. 1. Which is the largest tree in the world?

Answer: General Sherman, a giant sequoia, is the largest tree (by volume) in the world, standing 275 feet (83.8m) tall with 52,000 cubic feet of wood (1,486.6meter).

Q.2. How much water can a large tree intake in a single day?

Answer: In a single day, one large tree can lift up to nearly 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air as oxygen and water vapor.

Q. 3. What is the significance of a tree?

Answer: Trees are very important. Like most of the many plants on earth, they provide us with clean oxygen, store harmful carbon, support the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife.

Q. 4. How are trees useful for us?

Answer: Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem. It helps to maintain balance and also acts as a valuable source of many resources.

Q. 5. What are the main uses of trees?

Answer: Trees provide many valuable resources such as timber, medicines, shelter, raw materials, food and more.

Q. 6. How do we save trees?

We can save trees by not cutting them down. We should also plant more trees if trees are cut in some areas.

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