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500+ Words Essay on Plastic Pollution

Plastic has badly affected the health and life of man and the earth in the last one or two decades. Problems like plastic pollution have attracted the attention of the whole world in the last decade, and plastic pollution has made many people think about this terrible problem and put a question mark on the use of plastic in daily life.

In the last few years, the pollution of plastic in our rivers and seas has increased a lot.

The uprise of Plastic Pollution

Plastic has become one of the most widely used materials in the past decade. These days plastic is commonly found everywhere, from supermarket markets to common homes. But why is it so? Why is the use of plastic increasing instead of decreasing? The main reason for this is its very low price. Plastic is much cheaper than other alternatives like paper, jute, and fabric. This is why it is so common.

Plastic Pollution Essay

The second main reason is that it is very easy to use. Plastic can be used for almost everything whether it is liquid or solid, moreover, it comes in different forms which we can easily mold into any shape.

Apart from this, we see that plastic is a non-biodegradable material, that is, if we throw plastic in water or on land, it remains in its original state. In this way, due to the use of more plastic all over the world, the rise of plastic pollution is happening very fast.

Causes of Plastic Pollution

Plastics are cheap, easy to manufacture, and extremely durable, so it is being used more. Plastic is found in almost everything used by man, from milk bottles to water bottles.

Commercial fishing is an essential economic industry in many regions of the world today, but it has contributed in many ways to increasing the problem of plastic pollution in almost all oceans.

Large plastic nets for sea fishing are commonly used extensively in large-scale fishing activities. These large plastic nets often break or get lost somewhere in the ocean and float in the sea for many years. Many marine animals get trapped in this big plastic net and then this net becomes the cause of death of many animals.

Impact of Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has caused a lot of damage to marine life in the last few decades. Aquatic animals consider small pieces of plastic present in the water as their food. They eat it and many die in the end. For example, a turtle died because of a large plastic ring stuck in its mouth. Due to this he could not open his mouth and die of hunger. Thus, we see how many innocent animals are dying in large quantities due to plastic pollution.

Many times we throw these plastic items here and there, later the drainage system of the city gets jammed due to plastic pollution. In this way, plastic pollution becomes a big problem for a city.

Plastic is very light in weight and due to this, the garbage can often be easily moved from one place to another by the wind. Plastic waste can enter water drainage lines and cause plastic blockages resulting in flooding of local areas in cities as was experienced in Mumbai, India in 1998.

Plastic pollution has become a big problem for humans as well as animals. About 35 kg of plastic was found in the stomach of a dead cow.

In short, we see how plastic pollution is slowly ruining the lives of almost everyone on earth whether it is in the sea or on land, or in the forest, no one is untouched by it.

To stop this, all of us humans should now take big steps. We should replace plastic bags with alternatives like cloth bags, jute bags, paper bags, and many more biodegradable as soon as possible. If we are buying any kind of plastic, then we should use it again and should not throw it away after using it once.

We should avoid drinking bottled water or plastic milk bottles which contributes to plastic pollution in a very big way. The government of all the countries should ban plastic on the use of plastic. All this can prevent plastic pollution to a great extent.

How to Manage Plastic Pollution?

  1. Refuse – First of all say no to plastic, particularly single-use plastic, as much as possible.
  2. Reduce – Second, Limit or reduce the use of plastic in daily life.
  3. Reuse – Reuse every plastic products as much as possible before disposing of them.
  4. Recycle – Every Plastic products should be recycled into other usable products. This reduces the demand for manufacturing raw(virgin) plastic required to make some various plastic products.

FAQs on Plastic Pollution Essay

Does plastic contribute to pollution?

Yes. Plastic contributes massively to environmental pollution. Plastic pollution leads to pollution of air, water, and pollution of land.

How to reduce plastic usage?

Replacement of plastic items with jute bags, cotton bags, and other bio-degradable items needs to come into practice more.

What are the simple steps to avoid plastic overuse?

Simple 4 R method which can be followed: 1. Refuse 2. Reduce 3. Reuse 4. Recycle

How is plastic pollution impacting the earth?

Plastic pollution is impacting the earth in many ways. Firstly, it is polluting our water, land, air. This causes a shortage of clean water and thus we cannot have enough supply for all human beings. Moreover, it is also ruining our soils, our farms, and our lands. The soil fertility is depleting very quickly and disease-carrying insects are collecting in landfills of plastic.

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