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500+ Words Essay on My Pet Dog in English for Students

An Introduction On My Pet Dog

Pets are like a boon in the life of any person. There are only ones in the whole world who really love us without any condition. Pets are always ready to give us everything and do not expect anything from us. The first goal of any pet is to please its owner. Even the word ‘owner’ has evolved in recent years.

Nowadays people take care of pets like their own children and this is the reason that nowadays pet-human relationship is changing. People treat them like human beings. For example, nowadays people also celebrate the birthday of their pet.

Essay on My Pet Dog for class 4 or My Pet Dog 300 words Essay for Students in English
Essay on My Pet Dog

From my point of view, dogs are the most commonly found pets which are commonly found in everyone’s home. The dog is man’s best friend. Dogs are considered to be the most loyal animals. The bond that exists between humans and dogs is indescribable.

Dogs are devoted and affectionate, and their love is unconditional. If you make friends with dogs, you will never feel lonely. A dog is a domestic pet that belongs to a family. Dogs are completely harmless as long as they are not attacked.

On my way home from school, I found a helpless, hungry puppy on the side of the road. I brought it home with me. But pets were not allowed in my house, so it was obvious that everyone in my house got angry seeing this.

In due course of time, all the members of my family finally accepted the puppy, and the puppy was allowed to live with us. We were all attracted to him because of the brightness of his eyes. My brother named him Charlie and that’s how he got his new nickname.

Charlie came as a blessing to our family. He is a Labrador dog breed. Charlie had a deep black complexion. He came as a puppy with his cute little paws and distinct twinkles in his eyes.

We couldn’t stop gushing about how cute it was. And often I had the biggest fight with my brother over who would play with Charlie the most.

As Charlie grew, he learned a variety of tricks. We taught him how to follow his instructions and Charlie learned a few tricks too. We like to show it to our colony friends and relatives. I always took Charlie out with me because he liked to walk in the street.

My brother and I took on the responsibility of keeping Charlie clean. We used to bathe him one by one and we had a lot of fun bathing him. I remember I bought him a bow with my pocket money and he used to enjoy playing with his dog with that bow, and Charlie was also happy and wagging his tail happily. Charlie was with us all the time and we don’t know how we will repay his debt of loyalty.

Why I Love My Pet Dog?

  • Charlie is unconditionally completely loyal to me. Charlie loves me as much as I love him
  • He is like the softest teddy bear you can hug anytime.
  • I play catch with Charlie sometimes outside my house or sometimes in the park
  • I always put him to sleep next to my bed and he is the first to wake up in the house
  • The biggest advantage of playing with Charlie is that I am physically fit and active. He will never let me down. Whenever I get time, I constantly try to play some kind of game with him.
  • Charlie, my pet dog, will always be there to support me and shower me with unconditional love whenever I have a fight with my parents or friends because Charlie loves me the most in the house.
  • When I come home from school, Charlie is the happiest. He would kiss my whole face and swoon to show me how much he missed me when I went to school.

A Changed Life

  • Before we got a companion dog, we had no idea what our experience with him would be. Charlie came into our lives and changed everything. For us, Charlie redefined the word “loyalty.”
  • With the arrival of Charlie, we discovered how having a pet has always worked to ensure our happiness and safety.
  • Charlie has undoubtedly made us better people. With the arrival of Charlie, we have become more compassionate towards animals. In other words, Charlie has taught us a lot.
  • When we went to sleep at night, he used to guard the house and protect all of us.
  • When one of us was sad, Charlie would try to cheer us up. As a result, Charlie deserves all the credit for changing our lives.

my pet dog essay for class 3, class 4 in English

  • My pet dog’s name is Charlie. He is from the breed of Labrador.
  • He is 3 years old, slightly bloated, and dark brown in color.
  • Whenever I come back from school or outside the village, he gets very happy to see me.
  • He spends most of his time with me and my brother.
  • He protects our house from intruders or thieves, especially at night.
  • He is very gentle with us but becomes very aggressive when he sees a stranger or someone suspicious.
  • We provide him with healthy food, fresh milk, biscuits, and meat.
  • He goes for morning walks with my father and brother and evening walks with me.
  • He loves to play, jump and run. He is very active all the time.
  • Whenever I am upset or sad, he makes me happy by licking me and giving me lots of love. I love her very much.

FAQs for Essay on My Pet Dog for 3rd, 4th & 5th Class Students

Q 1. Which dog is the best for a pet?

Answer: Every dog is the best for pets. Whether it is a street dog or a breed one, the love and affection we get are always the same.

Q 2. Do dogs have emotions?

Answer: Just like us human beings, dogs are capable of all types of emotions like anger, sadness, and happiness.

Q 3. Is it costly to raise a dog?

Answer: Financially, it hardly costs anything extra to raise a dog as your pet. Dogs are some of the most loving animals on the planet. All it requires is pure love and affection to raise them.

Q 4. Are dogs really loyal animals?

Answer: Yes, Yes, dogs are really loyal and faithful companions to have as a pet.

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