Essay On Zoo | Zoo Essay for Students in English

Essay on Zoo: The extended essay on zoo is suitable for students of classes 6, 7,8,9, and 10 and competitive exam aspirants.

500+ Words Essay on Zoo

This world is so vast to see, it is very difficult to go to so many countries and see all the animals. There are so many animals in this world that it is impossible to see them all. Especially we humans like animals very much. For all these reasons, zoos have been built, so that the distance between humans and animals can be reduced.

Essay On Zoo | Zoo Essay for Students in English
Essay On Zoo

The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and many types of reptiles. Good medical facilities are also provided to all the animals living in the zoo along with food. Wherever there is a zoo, all the maintenance and all proper guidelines are mostly the responsibility of the government. Because it is very important to take care of the safety of all the animals. Special care is taken in the zoo, especially the species which are about to become extinct.

Benefits of Zoo

One of the advantages of having a zoo is that it is a place where we can save and increase the number of endangered species.

Due to the zoo, man can come close to many animals and can also know many things about their routine and their habits.

Many scientists visit zoos frequently, giving scientists an easy way to research various things like animal behavior patterns. It also provides a good opportunity for humans to understand and discover many new things about some of the shy animals living in zoos.

Visiting the zoo is a good opportunity for all the children because they’re all the children can see many animals in front of them and can know deeply about all the animals. This is the right opportunity for all the kids to know deeply about the wildlife and enhance their knowledge a lot.

Disadvantages of Zoo

Zoos have many advantages. However, zoos have several disadvantages. The most important drawback of zoos is that it is completely different from the natural habitat of animals where they roam freely. Just as all of us human beings get the opportunity to live in their natural habitat and roam freely, similarly all animals should also get the right to live in their habitat.

Animals should not be kept in cages for the entertainment of all of us humans. A zoo is a place where people keep animals in cages and earn a lot of profit from them by selling tickets. Some zoos are extremely dangerous to animals. They remove them from their native environment for human enjoyment.

FAQs for Essay on Zoo

List the advantages of Zoo

Zoos bring wildlife close to every human. It helps researchers study them closely and discover new many things. It protects many rare species and provides a safe breeding ground for them as well.

How are zoos harmful to animals?

Some zoos are very harmful to animals. They take them out of their natural habitat for human enjoyment. They make them stay in poor conditions due to which they also lose their lives and get some infections.

Are zoos needed?

Yes, zoos are necessary, despite the numerous debates surrounding them. The first reason is that zoos help endangered species by providing them with much-needed shelter. Some species rely on zoos for space, safety, and sustenance after losing their native environment. Zoos also allow visitors to get up and personal with wild or endangered species of animals, learning about how they live, what they eat, and so on. In this way, zoo visitors, particularly children, will acquire a fondness for these wild species and learn a great deal about them.

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