Essay on Online Education | Online Education Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Online Education: Online Education Essay is a very important essay topic for every student of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This essay is possible to use at school, college, or university level.

500+ Words Essay on Online Education

Education is an important part of our life, with good education we can also make our future and if it is not taken care of properly then it can also spoil our future.

In today’s era of this technology, we still feel that we believe more in taking our children in the school class and getting an education, but due to Corona for the last few years, there has been a situation of lockdown in many countries.

Due to this pandemic, online education is becoming very popular in many countries.

Essay on Online Education Students and Children in English
Essay on Online Education

Due to the increase in the case of Corona and in view of its danger, a lockdown was imposed in the entire country. All educational institutions have been closed due to the lockdown. And meanwhile, online education is the only good way for children to continue their education and online education is also getting very good support.

In many countries including India, almost all the schools have started giving online education to the children through the internet so that the children do not suffer the loss of studies and most of the students of the country have also been very happy to join online education.

In online education the process of learning and teaching is done electronically(digitally) which is done through digital platform. Online education is a medium in which teachers and children study through the internet from their homes instead of sitting in their school classrooms through the blackboard.

Online education can be given to children in the form of text, animation, audio, video and images, and by giving education through digital medium instead of blackboard, children are able to learn more easily.

To take online education, children should have good internet connection with computer or laptop or smartphone which is easily available everywhere. The Government of India has launched ‘Bharat Padhe Online Campaign’ to reduce the loss of children’s education in this era of COVID-19 pandemic, which underlines the growing importance of online education in India.

Schools around the world have been closed due to COVID-19. According to a report, more than 1.3 billion children in the world are out of class. And as a result, with the rise of e-learning, there has been a lot of change in the way of education. Under which education is provided on many types of digital platforms.

With the rise of e-learning, the demand for online education has also increased significantly, and today many online learning platforms are providing their services free of cost, including platforms like BYJU’S, Unacademy, Careerwill, CBSE Digital Education etc.

Advantages of Online Education:

  1. In a vast country like India where with the increasing population, there are not enough schools and colleges in India today. The option of online education will reduce the pressure on schools and colleges.
  2. By promoting online education, students will also get new in depth knowledge. Along with this, the shortage of teachers can also be overcome through online education.
  3. Online education student can get through internet sitting at his home. And its benefit is that students can get this education not only from their own country but also from foreign educational institutions.
  4. Online education can be obtained by the student sitting at home, which saves the time of the students going to educational institutions, coaching institutes or schools and here the student can devote more time to studies. Along with this, the money spent for going to school or coaching is also saved.
  5. Today, through the online app, students can take online classes according to their time and convenience and in this app the recording of online classes given by the teacher can also be done. In such a situation, if a student does not understand any topic related to any subject during online class, then he can solve his doubts by listening to the recording again.
  6. Online education can be beneficial for the environment as dependence on online will reduce the need for books and papers.
  7. Today in India where competitive exam is very popular, then online coaching facility is also available for the students. You can also prepare for your upcoming competitive exams from the comfort of your home.

Disadvantages of Online Education:

  1. Online education deals with a computer based network, which requires multiple devices and internet connection which are quite expensive. Even today there are many such children in our country who belong to financially weak families. Due to this it is not possible for everyone to get online education.
  2. Even today, in a big country like India, the facility of internet network is not accessible everywhere, due to which there is a problem in the internet network, due to which the children are not able to join the online class, due to which their studies are not done properly.
  3. Practical work is mandatory in some subjects which can be done only in the school lab like physics, chemistry, biology etc., but in online education, children are deprived of learning practical work.
  4. Apart from studying in school, there are other cultural programs in which children participate. For example – sports, dance, competition, debate, essay, writing competition etc. Children are not able to participate in such activities which are very important for the development of the child.
  5. According to a new survey, online education has made children into the habit of using a lot of electronic gadgets and due to this, it is adversely affecting the physical and mental health of the children.
  6. No matter how many facilities of online and digital education are available to the students, but this facility is promoting poor study habits among the students, lazy attitude is developing among the students.

Conclusion on Online Education Essay:

Regarding online education, it can be said that there are some flaws in online education which should be removed so that more and more students can take advantage of online education and study well. Also, the benefits of online education are more as of today.

Online education has increased significantly due to the digital age and the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly looking at the situation today, it can be said that the future of online education is very bright and it is revolutionizing the field of education.

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