Essay on Neighbours | My Neighbour Essay for Students and Children in English

Essay on Neighbours: My Neighbour Essay is a very important essay topic for every student of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This essay is possible to use at school, college, or university level. 

My Neighbour Essay

A good neighbor is a great blessing for every human being. Our neighbor is more important than our relatives. Whenever we face any trouble, our relatives living away from us may not be in a position to help us in our sorrows, but a good neighbor is first of all ready to help you at any time.

My neighbor lives just next to my house, their names are Mr. and Mrs. Shah. Whenever I am in any trouble or sometimes I feel very sad, my neighbor always talks to me and tells me that if I need any help then feel free to let me know. I am very fortunate to have such an ideal neighbor who is a kind and sympathetic neighbor. Even though my neighbor is a little older than me, he never lets me feel that you live here alone, he lives in harmony with me.

Mr. Shah is a very calm and generous middle-aged man. He is living in my neighborhood with his wife and his two sons and a daughter, their three children are studying abroad. Mr. Shah is a government employee working in the PGVCL department. He has a simple and calm yet very charming personality. His wife Mrs. Shah is also a very hardworking and very kind lady. She does all the household chores herself. Mrs. Shah cooks very tasty food. Whenever she cooks a special dish, she definitely gives it to me and her food is very tasty.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Shah are very helpful in nature. He has a very good reputation in society, everyone respects him a lot.

Essay on Neighbours | My Neighbour Essay for Students and Children in English
My Neighbour Essay

Whenever I am in any kind of dilemma then I need his advice very much so I always feel free to contact him because Mr. Shah is a very experienced person. Also, I get invited by them to festivals and special occasions. We are a family now.

Mrs. Shah As a single woman she has managed her household work as well as all her other responsibilities very well. Mrs. Shah has taught very good values ​​to her three children. She wakes up every morning at 5 o’clock, after a short walk she also does light yoga and tells me many times that I should also do yoga every day.

Mrs. Shah, after completing the rituals of worship at her home temple, starts her daily household chores. Mrs. Shah does most of her work alone on her own.

Mrs. Shah loves to keep her house clean and tidy. She manages everything so well that whenever I go to her house her stuff is very well managed, I loved her quality. Whenever I am in urgent need of any food item or anything else Mrs. Shah is the only woman I think of and most of my needs are always met from there.

Mr. Shah is very busy because of his job. Yet Mrs. Shah was very determined to train her three children very well and give them the best life possible. Mrs. Shah had led a very struggling life. Mrs. Shah is indeed an inspirational woman to others. I get encouragement from them too. Mrs. Shah always has a solution for every problem ready.

Whenever I am in a dilemma, I run to Mrs. Shah for help. Mr. Shah and Mrs. Shah are like a family to me. They are both parts of my happiness and sorrow. Never miss my family because of Mr. Shah and Mrs. Shah. I am very lucky that I have got such neighbors. I always wish Mr. Shah and Mrs. Shah good health and lots of happiness.

FAQ’s on My Neighbour Essay

Why is it important to have good neighbors around us?

Good neighbors make our lives easier and more pleasant since they are always willing to assist us in any scenario. When we are not at home, we feel safe because we have good neighbors. In the event of an emergency, neighbors are the first to call for assistance. A good neighbor should also respect your privacy and not intrude on your personal life.

What are the 5 qualities of a good neighbor?

A good neighbor is a blessing to society. A good neighbor must have the following qualities :
1. Be generous
2. Be Kind
3. Be ethical
4. Be peaceful
5. Be fair

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